Our featured Alumni this month is James Kirkup! He studied MEng Mechanical Engineering and graduated in 2019. His master project fell into the Powertrain where he designed the manifold-integrated intercooler. He was able to successfully complete his project with XRacing. ‘The project formed an innovative part to the proposed forced induction system and solved a problem unique to FS.’



The month of November has been a very valuable for the Team. We participated at the first virtual IMeche event Learn To Win where many of us felt inspired.


With the uncertainty of the physical competition, our team made the most of the event by utilising as much individual discussion time with scrutineers as possible.



Our featured Alumni this month is Nick Worsley! Nick successfully completed his masters project with XRacing on integrating the steering system in the car in 2020. ‘A lot of hard skills like design and manufacture of parts but as well as a huge number of soft skills like teamwork and communication went into this project. I learned invaluable lessons about leadership throughout.’



During October, new and continuing members were assigned their respective sub-team roles and initial tasks to fully understand their part of the project. XRacing will be attending the IMeche’s Learn to Win 2021 event this November and we look forward to gaining crucial insight into what their judges look for and how to improve our team’s performance.



Recent alumni Ben Thomas graduated in July 2020 as a Mechanical Engineer. His master’s project fell on the design of the suspension arms for the 2020 car, he successfully completed his project utilising his XRacing experience along with previous suspension designs. Ben took the role of Team Principal last year and has remained with the team after graduating.



Our new and old members are ready to start this year’s project with our minds focussed on the XR07B and our very first electric vehicle: XRE01. The goal for the XR07B is to accommodate more effective data acquisition tools from the XR07, to be used as a concept and design testbed. We also aim to design XRE01 to be a new electric racer to compete in the concept class next year.



With September now well upon us, we look towards the coming academic year and recruitment for new team members. Usually we'd be showing off our previous car at the Freshers' fair. It was clear that things would be different this year, therefore we had to re-think our recruitment strategy. This included creating a new information-packed website, crucially with the ability to take sign-ups directly.



We are excited to announce our drivers for this year’s formula student virtual dynamic event. Knowing them for their fast reactions and agility with games, we chose Oscar Jinks and Cameron Barry as our professional virtual drivers who will be leading our team in the tracks. Don’t miss out the virtual static event results and the dynamic event next weekend the 25th and 26th of July.



Today is International Women in Engineering Day and we celebrate the exceptional skills and talent of the women of XRacing. We're so proud to have these role models to inspire and encourage the future generation of female engineers.