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The University of Exeter is one of the UK’s top universities, and a member of the prestigious Russell Group. They have provided us with a workshop, high quality machinery, and access to expert advice. Their team of faculty advisers and technicians have helped to shape the direction of XRacing and allow us to make our ideas come to life. Put simply, without the University of Exeter, the team wouldn’t be able to exist. 

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The Exeter Alumni Annual Fund aims to make a difference to the lives of the students at the University of Exeter. We as a team can attest to the fact that their support has certainly made a difference to our lives. Funding allows us to embark on more ambitious projects within the realms of racing and develop more complex and technical parts. Thus, we are grateful for the funds supplied by the Alumni Fund. 

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Santander Universities aim to create life changing opportunities in the Higher Education section, in order to provide the opportunity for students to succeed, regardless of their circumstances. Their financial contribution has been crucial for the production of our EV racer, helping XRacing build towards a more sustainable future. 



Bender Germany are a manufacturer of leading electrical safety products and solutions, spanning a variety of industries, from electric vehicles to industrial applications. Bender have supplied us with an Insulation Monitoring Device (IMD) for our EV build, essential for the safe running of our vehicle.

244 Media


244 Media offer affordable and comprehensive solutions in the realm of digital marketing. This year, they have provided us with professional website design and management, allowing us to showcase our team and achievements to potential team members and sponsors. This has been amplified in their help in managing our social media channels. 

Emkay Plastics


Emkay Plastics are the leading supplier and distributor of ROHACELL foam in the UK. This material is essential for the manufacturing of our race vehicles, so having a specialist supplier is crucial. Their supply of foam was used in the creation of our impact attenuators. 

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DB Precision offers a wide range of engineering and fabrication services, based in Tiverton, Devon. They are experts in a variety of forms in metalworking and were vital in the construction of the suspension components for XR07b



Easy Composites are a supplier of composite materials and equipment. We use carbon fibre in the construction of our vehicle, and Easy Composites make obtaining the raw materials required simple and efficient. 

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The primary objective of XRacing for 2020 is to build our proven performance and finish in the top 20 of the Formula Student grid. Whilst XRacing receives support from the university, sponsors make up a significant proportion of the team's resources. As such, every relationship with sponsors is an extremely valued.

Our valued sponsors allow us to design and build every aspect of a car that flies. We are committed to improving our car year on year and can only do that with support from the University of Exeter and businesses alike.


Powered by excellence.

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