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Our future, engineered.

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Team Principal

MEng Mechanical Engineering

"As Team Principal, I look forward to working with some of the most ambitious and motivated engineering (and other discipline) students, as we endeavour to achieve XRacing's most successful year to date. I am a Mechanical Engineering postgraduate student, returning to Exeter for 2020, where I also completed my undergraduate studies. Take a look at this year's team and their bios below."

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Technical Director

MEng Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, 4th year

Max has been a part of XRacing for nearly his whole time at university. He has worked on a wide range of projects and always pushes himself to learn in new areas. This year, as Technical Director, he will lead the improvement of our IC car and the developement of our first EV entry to the competition.

Projects - XR05 pedal box, XR06 & XR07 harness and electronics.


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Immediate Past Principal


Ben was Team Principal for the 2019/2020 team and is working as a Graduate Mechanical Engineer at Babcock International. He will be assisting the team in 2020/2021 as Immediate Past Principal, to ensure that all his expertise are kept in the club.  

Projects - XR06 chassis, XR07 carbon fibre suspension, team management and strategy.



General Secretary


Jess has been a part of XRacing for many years. As a recent graduate, she will be a valued advisor to the team. Jess has experience in telemetry and data logging, which facilitated data driven design for XR07. Her skills will be utilised for this year’s model.

Projects - XR07 data logger and telemetry system, XR06 Bodywork Sub-Team Leader, general machining and manufacturing.



Sponsorship Lead

BA Politics, Philosophy and Economics, 3rd year

Oscar started his time in XRacing as a member of the Powertrain team, progressing to Powertrain Lead for the 2019/2020 team. His team prepared the Honda CBR600RR engine to deliver the reliability required for XR07, while beginning implimentaiton of a new triumph street triple engine as a replacement for future use. Oscar will hold the position of Sponsorship co-Lead for 2020/2021.

Projects - XR06 & XR07 powertrain.



Finance/Business Lead


This is Ross’ second year with the XRacing Finance team, he’s excited about taking on a more senior new role this year and hopes to take on more responsibility and make a greater impact on the project.

Projects - XR07 finance.



Publicity Lead

MEng Civil and Environmental Engineering, 3rd year

Annelise joined XRacing as a member of the Publicity team and has progressed to hold the position of Publicity Lead in 2020/2021. Her aim is to promote XRacing and Formula Student to increase our outreach to followers of the competition and the local community.

Projects - XRacing media and publicity. 



HV Systems Lead

MEng Mechanical Engineering, 3rd year

Tom joined XRacing in his first year at uni, and progressed on to be Driver Cell Lead for the 2019/2020 team. He gained significant experience in design and composite manufacturing. 2020/21 will see Tom as the HV Systems Lead, aiming to bring to life our very first EV entry. 

Projects - XR06 suspension. XR07 seat, steering wheel and pedal Box.



IC Powertrain Lead

MEng Mechanical Engineering

Max hopes to use his CAD and manufacturing skills that he’s developed over the past couple of years, along with his management experience from the Army Reserve to develop the IC powertrain sub team into a well oiled machine.

Projects - XR07 manufacturing.



LV Systems Lead

BEng Mechanical Engineering

Being new to the university and XRacing, Jeremy hopes to learn a lot from the team and gain valuable leadership experience. He's passionate about electronics and believe that he can prove myself a useful asset, especially with the development of XRE01, our first electric vehicle.



Chassis Lead

MEng Mechanical Engineering

More information coming soon.



Vehicle Dynamic Lead

MEng Mechanical Engineering

Hannibal is excited to be leading the Vehicle Dynamics sub-team this year. This is his first year in Formula Student, but his fourth-year project on datalogging which he brings to the IC car.



Driver Cell Lead

MEng Mechanical Engineering

More information coming soon.



Bodywork Lead

MEng Mechanical Engineering

James joined XRacing in his first year and became involved in the manufacture of the bodywork for XR06 as well as manufacturing components in the workshop over the summer. Since then he has continued to work with carbon fibre and plans to use his 3rd year project to investigate new manufacturing methods related to addative manufacturing.

Projects - XR06 manufacturing, XR06 bodywork, XR07 seat, steering and pedals.



Interim Suspension Lead

MEng Mechanical Engineering

Sam’s working on the manufacture of all the necessary components for suspension, ranging from the hubs to the carbon fibre wishbones. Not to mention that his final year project involves the design of the brakes for the EV car. Sam’s a fully qualified ski instructor and can't wait to teach again. He also plays a range of sports, but mainly rugby and golf.



Ben Thomas - Team Principal

Nick Worsley - Technical Director

Alexey Muzichkin - Finance Lead

Josh Linton - Business Lead

Glen Surhardi - Publicity Lead

Ollie Fielding - Powertrain Lead

Tzi Yin Yong - Chassis Lead

Jacob Newton - Suspension Lead

Oscar Jinks - Engine Development Lead

Max Prüstel - Electronics Lead

Sam Day - Interim Electronics Lead

Tom Parker- Driver Cell Lead

Nathon Holbrough- Bodywork Lead

Jess Holland - Telemetry Lead

Catriona Kelch - Manufacturing Lead


James Kirkup - Team Principal

Joseph Chan - Technical Lead

Glen Surhardi - Business Lead

Max Zimmer - Chassis Lead

Max Prüstel - Electronics Lead

Nick Worsley - Driver Cell Lead

Jess Holland - Bodywork Lead

Photo - Ben Blethyn Photography