The Team

Our future, engineered.

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Team Principal

MEng Mechanical Engineering, 4th Year

As member since 2018, Formula Student has been a part of my life for almost my entire degree. Needless to say, it has had me hooked! It is a big privilege to be leading the team in what promises to be a pivotal season for XRacing: not only will we be looking to build our best performing internal combustion car yet,   but also building an electric powertrain ready for XRacing’s shift to becoming an EV team in 2022. As well as my leadership role in XRacing, I am also carrying out traction battery pack design for our upcoming EV as part of my studies.


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Co-Technical Director

MEng Mechanical Engineering, 4th Year

Having been a member of the team since 2018, I've machined parts in earlier years and led the Bodywork Sub team in 2020-21. I have a good understanding of how the team functions. With my specialisation in composites, my job is to direct those sub-teams involved in its use in bodywork and vehicle controls. I will be looking to the future and doing research into the possibility of a carbon fibre monocoque for a future XRacing EV.



Treasurer & Immediate Past Principal

MSc Mechanical Engineering

As Treasurer I oversee the finances of the team, working with Team Leaders to set out our financial plan and budget appropriately. As Immediate Past Principal I sit in an advisory position to the team, ensuring efficient transfer of knowledge from previous years and generally assisting where required.



Business & Finance Sub-Team Leader

MEng Mechanical Engineering

It’s my role to find new sponsors and submit new applications for grants for

our projects.



Publicity Sub-Team Leader

MA Creative Writing

I’m new to the team, it’s my job to promote XRacing through campaigns on
social media.



Powertrain Sub-Team Leader

MEng Mechanical Engineering

I organise and implement all supporting systems that relate to the engine. This includes the drivetrain, cooling, fuelling, airflow, and engine mapping.



Bodywork & Aero Sub-Team Leader

BEng Mechanical Engineering, 2nd Year

I organise the manufacture of all carbon body parts for the car.



Chassis Sub-Team Leader

BEng Mechanical Engineerin


I’m responsible for the design and manufacture of the chassis.




Suspension Sub-Team Leader

MEng Mechanical Engineering, 3rd Year

I oversee the 4th year projects for the new suspension design.



Vehicle Controls Sub-Team Leader

MEng Mechanical Engineering

My role relates to everything the driver touches and how the vehicle is controlled. Our main goals this year are to design a new steering wheel, design a new pedal box, design a new seat, improve the useability of the car, and maintain excellent safety standards for the driver.



LV Systems Sub-Team Leader

BEng Mechanical Engineering

It’s my duty to oversee the design for the wiring harness and electronic components on the car.



EV Development Lead

MEng Mechanical Engineering

I oversee EV operations and related 4th year projects. It’s my duty to organise procurement and manufacturing of parts for the EV car, organise documents for concept class submission and meet with university stakeholders.



Coming soon.


Ben Thomas - Team Principal

Nick Worsley - Technical Director

Alexey Muzichkin - Finance Lead

Josh Linton - Business Lead

Glen Surhardi - Publicity Lead

Ollie Fielding - Powertrain Lead

Tzi Yin Yong - Chassis Lead

Jacob Newton - Suspension Lead

Oscar Jinks - Engine Development Lead

Max Prüstel - Electronics Lead

Sam Day - Interim Electronics Lead

Tom Parker- Driver Cell Lead

Nathon Holbrough- Bodywork Lead

Jess Holland - Telemetry Lead

Catriona Kelch - Manufacturing Lead


James Kirkup - Team Principal

Joseph Chan - Technical Lead

Glen Surhardi - Business Lead

Max Zimmer - Chassis Lead

Max Prüstel - Electronics Lead

Nick Worsley - Driver Cell Lead

Jess Holland - Bodywork Lead

Photo - Ben Blethyn Photography